So this is the first entry on this site and I guess I just wanted to give a little rundown on what we’re all about and what this site is trying to be about.  Andy and I are two DP’s working in Los Angeles.  We both went to school together at Ohio University and generally work on one another’s projects which has led us to frequent collaboration.

John Veleta and AC Sam Butt work on Trailerpark

Andy films a burning Trailer for the feature Trailerpark

We grew up alongside the digital revolution which has allowed us to explore ourselves as filmmakers in a way that wasn’t previously possible; and while we’re classically trained on both film and video, we feel that we’d like to share our projects and processes with anyone out there that’s willing to listen.  Hopefully any of you that are bored enough to follow alongside us will gain something from our technical failures/successes, experiments, and general nerdom.

We own our own 5D and 7D camera rigs which we often use on shoots and we wanted to have a place to muse about our work and solving the issues that arise with this new generation of cameras.

You can visit either of our professional sites at:

http://www.johnveleta.com  and www.andrewpoland.com

We hope you all enjoy and feel free to email or comment with any questions and musings of your own.